A first refuge was built and inaugurated in 1953 by seven guides from Anniviers, with the aim of developing mountaineering in the neighbouring valley of Zermatt. A photo of the seven founding guides and a few others of the original refuge can be found on a site dedicated to the history of French-speaking Switzerland: notreHistoire.ch: Cabane Arpitettaz.

In 1980, it was thanks to the friendship between two men, René Epiney, mountain guide, and Alois Dupontet, a regular member of our section, that the La Dôle Section of the Swiss Alpine Club was able to become the owner of the refuge. After a period of study and financing, it was an enthusiastic team of members and friends of the section who transformed, in the summer of 1982, the old refuge into a hut.

In 2015, a major renovation was carried out to improve the comfort of visitors and hut keepers. The hut was also enlarged, while maintaining its capacity to accommodate 32 visitors. A changing room, a food and beverage storage area, a new sleeping room, as well as one for the hut keepers, were added at the rear of the hut, on the Weisshorn side. The kitchen has been enlarged and renovated.