The Arpitettaz hut (2,786 m) is located at the foot of the Weisshorn, on the west side, in front of the Blanc de Moming and its impressive glacier. It is easily accessible from Zinal.

Opening period and protection concept in 2020 (summary)

  • The hut will be permanently guarded until September 24 and during the weekends in October (from Friday to Sunday) depending on weather conditions.
  • To spend the night in the hut, you must reserve even if not guarded (see the bottom of the page to contact us)! Without reservation, you cannot spend the night in the hut! Random controls will be carried out and people who have not booked will have to leave the hut.
  • To spend the night, you must bring a sleeping bag, a pillow case and hand disinfectant!
  • Be careful, when the hut is not guarded, dormitories are not equipped with duvets and pillows. A warm sleeping bag is mandatory.
  • Only come if you are in good health!
  • Take your rubbish back with you!
  • The different groups of guests must remain separate.
  • All guests must wash/disinfect frequently their hands.

Outside service

  • No limitation of the number of people during the day.
  • Only one group per table and respect for distances between groups.

Refectory and dormitories (for guests who spend the night)

  • The accommodation capacity is restricted to 13 persons (max. 10 persons outside guarded periods). .
  • Everybody who spend the night in the hut must have their name written by the hut keeper in the hut book.
  • Only one group per table and respect for distances between groups.
  • Guests may bring their own food, but must eat it cold when the hut is guarded. The hut keepers will only cook half board.

These rules could be modified during the season, depending on the evolution of the situation.

Commission Arpitettaz/28.09.20


Swiss coordinates (MN95): 2’618’609 / 1’105’517
Swiss coordinates (MN03): 618’609 / 105’517
Lat/Long (WGS84): 46° 06’ 03.26’’ N 7° 40’ 45.44’’ E