Winter Access

From Zinal, only the path is possible by the bridge over the Navisence, then by the bottom of the valley at the foot of the Besso. This route is not without danger due to the risk of avalanches.

From Zinal, cross the Plat de la Lè to the south and go up the left bank of the Navisence via the Vichiesso to the bridge over the Navisence. Beware, important risk of avalanches and/or landslides from the end of the flat to the bridge. This area is dangerous after heavy snowfalls or during springtime warming.

After the bridge, go east up the left bank of the stream coming down from the Moming glacier (beware of avalanches under the Besso), then join the moraine (point 2,264 m on the map) and climb its northern counter-slope. Then follow the river bed on the right and join the hut from the south (duration of the ascent: about 5 hours).

The hut is also accessible in winter from the Tracuit hut via the Col de Milon or from the Grand Mountet hut via the Blanc ridge and the Moming glacier.